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You have to confirm your place within a minimum of one month before the tour STARTS. (email: office@tmtours.net)
And please let us know your name and your demands.
Each tour is open to all your demands.

» The Tours are running from March to October, depending on the weather conditions.

At the moment, we have two Yamaha XT 600 cc for rent. We also work with a rental company, and it may be possible to rent more bikes if you are a large group (a maximum of 7 bikes). These motorcycles are Suzuki DR 350 cc.
Once again, you have to confirm your rental reservation one month before the tour starts.

Both tours consist in a variety of landscapes and beautiful roads, but it's important to know that there are few differences between them:

» The Sunset Mountains tour is a very diverse one with a sensational wild side, I recommend this tour to those who love nature, ancient villages, traditions, mountains, people and nature living toghether.

I prefer riding in this tour because you can not find other places like this in Romania, and maybe not even in Europe.
I can tell you lots of things about the "Sunset Mountains", but you have to be here, to see them, to feel them, to taste them!

» The Black Sea tour is, like I said before, more a "cross-country" one, and you can see Romania, with all she has best.
From high mountains to wide fields, from winding paved roads to muddy sections, from old castles to new, crowded towns.
I recommend this tour to those who love the sea coast, since we are going to spend few days in a wooden chalet located straight on the beach - a really nice place.

About Cluj-Napoca 
Cluj-Napoca is located in the middle of Transylvania, has a population of almost 400.000 people, and almost 150.000 are students. Cluj-Napoca has a famous historical downtown, many art galeries, museums, cafes, a beautiful botanical garden and nice surroundings.
If you are coming from Western Europe, the nearest border crossing point is Bors, near Oradea (approx. 150 km from Cluj), on the european road E60. If you are coming from N-W Europe, through Carei crossing point (approx. 300 km from Cluj), on Satu Mare-Zalau-Cluj direction and if you are coming from S-W Europe, the best border crossing point is Nadlac (approx. 250 km from Cluj) and you'll have to follow the Arad-Deva-Cluj direction.


The summer in Romania takes 4 months, from June to September, when the temperature varies between 20-40 degrees Celsius, the hotest and dryest month being July, but even so you can encounter temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius in May or begining of October. Between March and October the roads are not usually affected by the weather, except for the seldom summers storms that can produce floods, and The Transfagarasan Road, situated at an altitude of 2000 meters which can be closed even at the end of June due to the snow.

Our currency is LEU, > 1 USD= about 29.500 LEI, and 1 EURO= about 38.500 LEI. Our advice is to change money only in authorized exchange offices or banks. You can also use major credit cards at the ATM's.
I recommend this tour to those who love the sea coast,
since we are going to spend few days in a wooden chalet
located straight on the beach - a really nice place.
Cristian Kudor, TMT

» If you are passing by the Black Sea you can rent our chalet on the beach,
it's a very nice place for bikers, ...and it's cheap !!!
With 3 rooms and 7 places to sleep, a summer kitchen, a bar, a nice veranda
and all you need for a nice vacation... this place will remain forever in your heart!
The price is : 80 Euro/ day/ the hole chalet.

Even if you decide not to book any of our suggested services and you'll be riding
around here we'll be happy to give you any advice you might need
and maybe ride with you for a while.

All this dates can be changed or combined as you wish, just let us know about your preferences !!! (see contact »)