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Deep in the lush green vegetation of the Carpathian Mountains, The Sunset Mountains Tour will lead you straight into the heart of Transylvania, to the famous "Sunset Mountains" with an area of 500 kms
...on paved and dirt roads, twisty back country roads and forest trails with some muddy sections.
Caves, waterfalls, mountain passes, very beautiful ancient villages,
medieval towns and old castles.

This tour is designed for all riding skill levels!
    Program by day
Starting with this season TMT has a new headquarter, right in the heart of the mountains where you
will enjoy a pleasant stay and a stunning landscape.
TMT and our good friend Ionel are offering you 3 nice chalets with a big kitchen, 10 rooms which can accomodate a max of 40 people, a big function room and 4 bathrooms with hot water. (see pictures). From here you'll be able to start your one or many days adventure (at your choice) in this incredible region of the Sunset Mountain.
» Day 1 - arrival in Cluj Napoca
After arrival and getting to know everyone..., we will help you refill your supplies
and after that we can go straight to our headquarter, which is 45 kms away from Cluj, up in the Gilau Mountains.

» Day 2 - - A surprise tour... (about 150 km)
just for warming up...

» Day 3 - Maguri-Garda (about 200 km)

Our program is very open...
So if you feel like it, we can have another day in the same area (Maguri), or we can go to our next destinations : “Garda, Casa de Piatra, Izbucul Tauti, Pestera Vartop” and see some gorges and waterfalls. Here, we will spend the night in a ancient mountain chalet, understanding the way of living of the villagers and eating some traditional meals.

» Day 4 - Scarisoara-Padis (about 100 km)

We will stay for another day in the area to see other caves like: “P. Scarisoara, P. Iui Ionel,” villages and gorges: “Cheile Hartimbaciului”..., exploring other alternative routes.

» Day 5 - Arieseni-Stana de Vale (about 150 km)

“Everywhere you go..., always take the weather, the weather with you...!”
Yes..., the weather..., If the sun will still be with us, and you are still enjoying your trip... then prepare yourself for crossing a mountain pass at 1200 m; exploring the top of the Sunset Mountains at 1849m. After that, we travel down from the mountains only to climbing them once more on the north side, visiting in our way a very unique cave: “P. Ursilor”. We are going to spend a comfortable night into a winter ski resort.

» Day 6 - Valea Iadului-Cluj Napoca (about 170 km)

The last riding day in the Sunset Mountains leads through “Valea Iadului”, “Hell’s Valley”, with a small forest trail and a spectacular karst-scenery. This last day is also a “Lake tour”... we are going to see: L.Lesu, L.Dragan, L.Belis, L.Tarnita, with some very beautiful landscapes. One last time you will have the typical Romanian livestock on the road before your tour guide leads you back to the city of Cluj Napoca. Then you are invited to join the group for a farewell dinner.

Tour price:

- For large groups(8 bikers) we have a All Included Price. (contact us)

The price include:
-minibus from/to airport (Cluj Napoca)
-motorcycle rentals
-support 4x4 car
-motorcycle gasoline
-4x4 gasoline
-the guide + his bike
-the assistant(mechanic) + his bike
-4x4 driver
-accommodation (motel, breakfast, lunch, supper)
-other tour related equipment

The price doesn’t include:
-airport fees
-personal insurance
-bike equipment
-alcohol and cigarettes
-personal shopping’s

(contact us)

For smaller groups please contact us.


* The 6 day week tour is designed for all ages and all riding skills, it is a very diverse one, with paved and country roads...
So, it will be better to have a proper motorcycle, for example : BMW R..., Honda XL..., Yamaha XT...
It is preferable to have an “enduro”, but you can, as well, ride a classic one; ...i've been through all this mountains
on a “IMZ URAL 650 cc -1993 “, or more extreme on a “Simson 250 cc -1961 “, ...and it was fun!
But the truth is... much more fun i have now with my “tenere”. So,... this is an adventure, it surely is not your “5 stars vacation”, sleeping down on “white satin”..., but remember that this is a country, where you still can enjoy the freedom of horse drawn wagons
and shepherds, with their sheeps, a country where you can explore almost every corner of it.
You have to ride with us..., to understand ! We’ll be here..., waiting for you.